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Yoga In Bucktown: Yoga Studios in Bucktown, Chicago

Yoga in Bucktown is plentiful. Just like coffee shops, pizza joints, and tacos, yoga studios in Bucktown are on almost every block. By our count, at least 13 different places offer regular yoga classes. Scroll down to see the list.

Situated just a 10 minute train ride northwest of downtown Chicago. Not surprisingly, the Bucktown neighborhood is one of the most thriving areas of Chicago.

With a great mix of residential streets and commercial patches, Bucktown has everything a city dweller could ever want. Restaurants and bars galore. Also, live music, grocery stores, parks, and ice cream shops. Bucktown even has a few hotels, a giant shuffleboard venue, several Italian ice stands, a Chipotle, and countless boutique shops selling clothes, soap, and more.

If you’re looking for yoga clothes in Bucktown, check out Damen Avenue near the intersection at Wabansia. There, you will find a Nike Store and a Lululemon Athletica. Yes, both stores sell clothes great for practicing yoga.

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Bucktown has one of the nicest Walgreens in the city. Indeed, it used to be a bank, and now it boasts some of the cleanest and well-stocked aisles in all of Chicago’s Walgreens. Moreover, just across the street is a Starbucks Reserve. Like the nice Walgreens, this is one of the nicest Starbucks in the city. It has a coffee bar, offers unique reserve coffee roasts, and is staffed with employees who offer excellent service.


One of the best parts of Bucktown is how connected it is to the rest of the city. It’s nearby the 90/94 expressway, which is one of the main expressway systems running through and around Chicago. Also, Milwaukee Avenue runs diagonally through the neighborhood and is one of three streets intersecting at the 6-corner intersection (North-Damen-Milwaukee) to create one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Chicago. Walk around on a warm summer day, and you’ll know what we mean. Remember, Milwaukee is a main avenue connecting bikers and drivers to neighboring areas, like Logan Square, Wicker Park, and Ukrainian Village.

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Bucktown is connected to downtown by public transportation. For instance, the main public transit artery is the blue line in the El Train system. The blue line runs through the heart of Bucktown, with both the Damen and Western stops being very popular. Having the blue line is critical for accessing other parts of the city. This means that people can come from all over the city to practice yoga in Bucktown.

Another example of how Bucktown is connected to the city is the Bloomingdale Trail. The 606 on the Bloomingdale Trail is an elevated trail that people use for running, walking, and biking. Surrounded by nature, the trail is 2.7 miles long and runs between Ashland and North Ridgeway Avenue. When the weather permits, it’s a great place to exercise or spend time with family. Again, like the El, this trail can bring people into practice yoga in Bucktown.

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Along the trial, you’ll find parks and other open spaces where people practice yoga. Sometimes, you’ll see large groups practicing yoga together. Other times, you’ll see people practicing alone or in small groups. Regardless, on a nice sunny day, expect to see people out on the trail.

In addition to the trial, Bucktown has a plethora of places to practice your yoga. You will find studios dedicated to just yoga. Usually, those places offer multiple classes throughout the day. Sometimes, too, those studios offer ancillary goods or services, like drinks, snacks, and nutrition advice.

You will also find state-of-the-art gyms that offer high-quality yoga classes. These places are great if you want to belong to one place that offers yoga in addition to weights, treadmills, and other fitness classes. The Nike Store and Lululemon also sometimes offer yoga and other fitness classes.

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When it comes to yoga in Bucktown, really, you’ll find it all. In addition to yoga-only studios vs all-in-one gyms, Bucktown has studios that range from local boutiques to national franchises to clothing stores.. Therefore, in Bucktown, you will definitely find the right yoga studio for your needs.


Yoga in Bucktown: Read below for a list of studios to check out.

Bucktown Fitness Club

Bucktown Athletic Club

CorePower Yoga

Eb & Flow Yoga

Frog Temple

Greatly Gracious


Moksha Yoga

Orange Theory




Zen Yoga Garage

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