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Small Running Rucksack: 5 Versatile Types of Running Bags

A small running rucksack can take a good run and elevate it to a great run. When you run, no longer do you have to hold your belonging into your hands or leave them at home. With so many great small running rucksacks on the market, you can chose the one that works best for you.

A small running rucksack is a bag that is convenient for runners who want a convenient way to run with their phones, keys, and credit cards. Some rucksacks are big enough for you to carry larger things, like water bottles, a change of clothes, and snacks. These are more like backpacks than fanny packs. These bags usually have one large compartment and multiple smaller compartments. Despite the convenience of carrying all your things, these bags are big and, therefore, might impede your run.

One popular style of small running rucksack is designed like a vest. This style is the perfect combination of backpack and fanny pack. The backpack style allows for a secure, no-bounce running experience. Yet it is small and provides similar storage space to a fanny pack.


Other small running rucksacks are more like fanny packs. They fit around your waist and have multiple pockets for storage. These small running rucksacks are perfect for the runner who wants to carry only a few of their valuables but who doesn’t want a bulky bag to carry.

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Read on for the best small running rucksack options.

Small Running Rucksack Option 1: Multiple-pocket fanny pack

The multiple-pocket fanny pack is a great lightweight small running rucksack. Equipped with one main double-zippered compartment and two extra front pockets and one extra hidden rear zippered pocket, this small running rucksack has tons of storage space. It’s made of a nylon, water-resistant material that will keep your belongings secure and dry. Also, this fanny pack is perfect for running, lifting, and traveling. Furthermore, it has an adjustable and extendable waist belt to accommodate waists of all sizes.


Small Running Rucksack Option 2: Running belt

The running belt provides maximum comfort, low footprint, and ample storage space.

The FlipBelt is one of the most popular running belts on the market. It fits like a belt around your waist. But, unlike a belt, it has a pocket for storing your phone, keys, ID, cash, and more. Despite its small looks, this pocket can store more than you’d think. Plus, multiple openings in the pocket make it easy to access your belongings. Because it has no buckles and is designed to not bounce as you run, you don’t have to worry about chafing. Also, it comes in multiple colors and is machine washable.


Looking for a different running belt? Made from flexible neoprene, this running belt is lightweight, one-size fits all, and made of a durable material. It has an adjustable strap so that you can customize the size to fit your waist snugly. Moreover, the running belt fits all sizes and styles of phone, including plus-sized phones. Even better, this running belt has a high-quality zipper that surely will keep your belongings secure. This is the perfect small running rucksack for the person looking to minimize the size of their bag yet still have storage space for their valuables.


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Small Running Rucksack Option 3: Running vest

The running vest is a unique and lightweight small running rucksack that every runner should consider having. Made of a sweat-resistant material, it’s vest design doesn’t bounce as you run. For storage, it has a larger pouch that will fit phones of all shapes and sizes and another storage pocket for IDs, credit cards, and cash. The running vest secures to your body using extended padded mesh wings and adjustable shoulder straps. To ensure a true and snug fit, the shoulder straps are easily adjusted to fit all men and women and also come with an adjustable a chest strap. Although this small running rucksack wears like a backpack, it feels like freedom. The bag fits comfortably on your back so that you forget its on while you run.


Small Running Rucksack Option 4: Small running backpack

This small running rucksack is perfect for a runner who has a lot of belonging to run with. But, also, someone who needs a lightweight and easy-to-carry bag to put those belongings in. Made of water-resistant and tear-resistant nylon, this bag will hold up during even the toughest runs. It’s padded shoulder straps and large volume allow you to comfortably carry all that you’ll need for your run. This small running rucksack is equipped with two main compartments and zippers to secure your valuables. Not only can you wear this bag for running, it’s perfect for travel, hiking, and yoga.


Small Running Rucksack Option 5: Military rucksack

This small running rucksack is the biggest of the bunch. Made from nylon and coated with water-repellant material, this bag has a spacious main storage area and two side pockets. These storages compartments are secured using zippers. Also, this small running rucksack has a zipperless pocket for quick access storage, which is secured with a drawcord. With three mesh admin compartments, water bottle pocket, and a hook and loop, this bag lets you run with it all. The reinforced handle allows you to grab this bag and go without worrying about tearing it. Other features include a zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket, drainage grommets, and a wrap-around web platform.

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