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Kids Yoga Classes: Fun Ways To Teach Yoga To Kids

Kids yoga classes are a fun and educational activity. First, yoga is an activity you and your kids can do together and with friends. This builds teamwork and camaraderie. Second, it helps improve your kid’s mental well-being. Indeed, yoga can help a kid develop confidence, improve focus, and decrease anxiety. Third, yoga classes for kids can improve their physical wellbeing too. Yes, it improves strength, balance, and flexibility. Finally, it can teach important life lessons, like hard work pays off and persistence plus patience rewards you tremendously.

Kids yoga classes, however, are not always convenient. Therefore, we have a few ideas to help your kids learn yoga at home and on their own schedule. Yes, you will no longer need to adjust your schedule to fit in with the yoga studio schedule. Rather, your kids will incorporate yoga into their playtime and their personal time.

These recommendations are perfect for kids of many ages. Also, these yoga activities will provide the same benefits as yoga classes for kids. First, your kids can do these activities with their siblings and friends at any time rather than only when you can make it to the yoga studio class. Hence, they will develop teamwork and friendships. Second, your kids will get the develop mentally and physically, just like in a class. Third, your kids will learn about sharing, practice, and overcoming challenges.

Here are some fun and engaging ideas for alternatives to yoga classes for kids:

YOGI FUN Kids Yoga Cards Kit

This game comes packed with playful illustrations, creative rhyming poems, and fun activities. For starters, it has 40 cards. First, twenty of the cards illustrate yoga poses that you can try. Second, the other twenty cards have simple rhyming poems that describe the poses. Plus, the kit comes with two dice. Instead of kids yoga classes, your kids can play countless games limited only by their imagination!


The Yoga Garden Game

This award-winning game is fun for kids aged 4 and older. It’s designed primarily as tool for teaching yoga to kids. For instance, the objective is to cooperate with your family or friends to achieve a common objective. Specifically, to plant a flower garden before the night falls using the power of your yoga skills. Players learn and invent yoga postures as they move a bumblebee marker around the board. Plus, the game has beautiful illustrations and is fun to play! Skip the kids yoga classes and play this game instead!


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Kids Yoga Mat & Game

This yoga mat is also a game! The mat comes with a how-to poster, free online videos, and an iPad app that teach kids how to do yoga poses on a colorful mat. Yes, this is an interactive and entertaining way to get your kids to practice yoga. By practicing their yoga, they will reduce stress, increase strength and flexibility, and improve concentration. Also, the mats are made from eco-friendly materials and are easy to clean. Therefore, you should supplement or replace your kids yoga classes with this fun mat!


ThinkFun Yoga Dice Game

This unique yoga dice game is ideal for girls and boys aged 6 and older. The game comes with 6 dice (each dice having 6 sides displaying a yoga pose on each side), 6 pose tokens, 1 dice with a different breathing technique on each of the six sides, 1 focus token, 1 yoga mat game track, and a bag. First, the players roll one or more dice. Second, the players choose which pose to try as a group based on the dice roll. Third, If everyone performs the pose for the number of breaths rolled on the breath die, the group moves the pose token along the yoga mat track.

If a focus symbol comes up during one of the rolls, the group loses some of its focus. Hence, the group must move the focus token forward one space. Finally, the goal is for the group to pass all the pose tokens across the finish line before the focus token.


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Kindergie Yoga Mat for Kids with Special Teaching Design

This yoga mat for toddlers and children is great for teaching your kids new yoga poses. Indeed, it comes with a chart that explains how to do 8 yoga poses. Also, it has 12 drawings on the yoga mat itself. Plus, those drawings are perfect for helping your kids understand and remember the yoga poses. Moreover, the mat has a non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and playful design.


First, you’ll save your money. Second, you’ll save your time. Please, stop making kids yoga classes the primary way your kids learn yoga. Instead, buy these games and activities to get your kids engaged in yoga. It’ll help their physical and mental wellbeing. Plus, they’ll learn important life lessons. Maybe you will too!

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